Safety in malls

Challenges such as locating children and security guards and alerting about possible risks at mall centers can be easily addressed with our technology.

You can also take a look to our Polaris real-time locating system to see how we take care of people at mall centers, helping them to find lost children and protecting customers and shops.



  • Improve security in mall centers.
  • Track children and security guards in the mall centers.
  • Locate lost children inside the mall.
  • Optimize security guards' surveillance tasks.




  • n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices to track children and security guards inside the mall centers.
  • n-Core Sirius RadIOn devices as locating/networking infraestructure to detect the position of users and forward location data to the Polaris real-time locating system.
  • Children are located all the time in the mall. If a child is lost, parents can ask the security personnel the child's position inside the mall.
  • The employees at the stores are provided with mobile panic buttons (n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices) to alert about possible risks (e.g., theft).
  • The position of every security guard is registered by the system to check their movements during the day. This allows the employer to review the working schedules.