Track trucks in maritime ports

Since other locating systems are more expensive, our technology is ideal to track trucks and containers in ports, improving security, optimizing logistics and reducing paperwork.


You can also take a look to our Polaris real-time locating system with sensing features and our Pulsar platform to see how we track vehicles and assets in ports and other scenarios.



  • Optimize the internal logistics.
  • Improve the security inside facilities.
  • Reduce paperwork.


  • Although GPS seems an obvious solution, our clients know that it is a much more expensive solution in the long term, as there are hidden costs that must be take into account (e.g., GPRS monthly/annual fees). For this and other technical reasons (e.g., to include automation features), the n-Core platform or the Pulsar platform are ideal solutions to track trucks inside the port.
  • The Polaris real-time locating system tracks the position of each vehicle when accessing and leaving the port. This way, the administrators can know in real-time the traffic inside the port. The system alerts if a vehicle accesses to a restricted area.
  • The system can turn off every truck if:.
    • the electronic locks are violated,
    • the trucks access to restricted zones,
    • or the electronic management devices (inside trucks) are manipulated.




Download port logistics presentation