Forklifts monitoring and management

Improve the safety of your workers and monitor the state of your forklifts and vehicles by means of our locating and sensing technology and our specialized fleet management software.




  • Improve the safety of workers.
  • Prevent misuse of forklifts.
  • Optimize maintenance resources.
  • Increase the lifetime of forklifts.
  • Provide value-added services to customers. 


  • n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices allow tracking workers throughout the facilities.
  • n-Core Sirius OBD devices allow tracking forklifts' location and gather internal parameters (oil level, brakes liquid level, battery level, possible failures or other information provided by the forklift).
  • Moreover, thanks to the accelerometers included in the n-Core Sirius OBD devices the system can detect possible collisions of forklifts, as well as if some machine is powered on and not being used, thus powered it off to save energy and resources.
  • Special devices with touchscreen interface, IP65 protection, RFID reader and GPRS+GPS+ZigBee connectivity are installed on each forklift. Drivers must login using RFID cards or PIN codes to use the forklifts and they are forced to answer a checklist before drive them. Detected collisions limit the speed in the forklifts and are reported to the remote Control Center, among many other features.
  • n-Core real-time locating features enable customers to improve their productivity by studying the travel habits of each worker and forklift and optimize their daily work and use.
  • All information is sent via Internet to the remote Control Center. The system logs all events, making it possible to know if the forklifts have been used incorrectly (e.g., collisions). This way, the technical staff can know at any time the state of the forklifts and therefore provide specialized services, reducing repairing times and staff displacements