Healthcare in retirement homes

Improve assistance to patients at retirement homes and at their homes, keeping track of elderly, nurses and caregivers at every moment.

You can also take a look to our Polaris real-time locating system to see how we take care of people at healthcare centers and at their homes.



  • Improve assistance to elderly at retirement homes and at their homes (telecare).



  • Polaris real-time locating system tracks elderly, nurses and caregivers at every moment.
  • n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices allows caregivers and patients at their homes to press their panic buttons in order to request help.
  • Moreover, thanks to the accelerometers included in the n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices the system can detect if a certain patient falls or vanishes at its home.
  • The detection of forbidden accesses to hazardous areas is possible thanks to Polaris real-time locating system.
  • Polaris real-time locating system provides the analysis of historical paths to detect dangerous behaviors and manage human resources.
  • Furthermore, the system provides with alerts coming from almost any kind of sensor (smoke detectors, open doors, gas leaks, floods, temperature, humidity, etc.)which can be integrated into the n-Core Sirius devices.




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