Viticulture monitoring

Reducing the number of treatments in vineyards without increasing the exposure to pests can only be achieved by applying knowledge and following closely the environmental parameters that affects the epidemiological status.

You can also take a look to the presentation of our mildew and powdery mildew prediction system in vineyards.



  • Improve the viticulture processes.
  • Reduction of phytosanitary treatments to save costs, comply with new regulations and produce organic wine.
  • Efficient use of energy and water.



  • Agrometeorological Stations.
    • Collect the data in the plot of ambient temperature, relative humidity, rainfall and leaf wetting.
    • The data is sent automatically by GPRS connection to the storage and analysis server.




  • Vineyard Management Software.
    • Modeling of primary and secondary mildew infections.
    • Modeling of primary and secondary infections of powdery mildew.
    • Indication of the level of protection of the vine by the treatments. To give this information, the weather forecast, the phenology and the composition of the product used are taken into account.
    • Integration of meteorological predictions to indicate the expected evolution of infections.






Download mildew prediction system presentation