Pylons monitoring

Using our sensing technology to measure values such as temperature, humidity and vibrations makes the maintenance of these structures easier and allows reducing repairment costs.

You can also take a look to our Polaris real-time locating and sensing system and Pulsar platform to see how we implement telemetering systems and monitor physical variables in the energy sector and other outdoor environments.



  • Optimize the pylons maintenance.
  • Reduce repairment costs.



  • n-Core Sirius RadIOn and n-Core Sirius IOn-E/M devices to gather temperature, humidity and vibrations in the pylons.
  • The same n-Core Sirius RadIOn devices are used as networking infrastructure to forward sensing data to the n-Core Sirius A devices acting as collecting nodes in the environment.
  • Customized software based on n-Core platform and running in a remote Control Center is used to gather and display measurements and trigger alerts to the monitor personnel.