The basis to create real Smart Cities



A powerful Web platform that allows deploying easily multiple advanced high-resolution real-time automation and locating services based on GPS, LoRaWAN™, cellular networks and IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee™



  • People and vehicles location. Security vehicles, roadways, rescue and urban public transport service.
  • Ambient sensors. Register of parameters of interest for ambient and civil protection agencies (waste water, pollution, etc.).
  • Smart traffic lights. Automatic or on-demand adaptability regarding traffic conditions.
  • Unified management, control and monitoring center. Access from an only technological infrastructure.


Main Features

  • Real-time Location, no dead path. Much better resolution than traditional GPS systems.
  • Capability to integrate practically any existing sensor in the market. Think about a sensor and we will integrate it.
  • Advanced graphics tools. The attention to detail makes the difference thanks to Web technology.


Success Stories

Local Government of Colima (Mexico)
Location of garbage trucks
Local Government of Villa de Álvarez (México)
Location of patrol cars and garbage trucks


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