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GALENA - Galileo-based solution for urban freight transport.

Galena Project

(H2020-Galileo-2014-1 - 641515)

Financing entity: European Comission.

Objective: GALENA develops the hardware equipment as well as the information system and the supervision platform needed for the cross supply chain orchestration of a community of shippers involved in urban freight pooling particularly for the last-mile delivery.


DREAM-GO - Enabling demand response for short and real-time efficient and market-based smart grid operation. An intelligent and real-time simulation approach.

DreamGo Project

(H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014 - 641794)

Financing entity: European Comission.

Objective: DREAM-GO ( will trace the path to put into the market new products and services able to ensure the efficient operation of smart grids in the competitive electricity market environment.


Cloud-IO - Cloud Computing platform for the fast integration and deployment of services over Wireless Sensor Networks.

Cloud-IO Project


Financing entity: Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI). Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity.

Objective: Revolutionize the interoperability, accessibility and usability of the systems based on Wireless Sensor Networks through a new Cloud Computing platform.


CADUCEO - System for the creation and validation of healtcare services over the Cardea platform.



Financing entity: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Subprogram INNPACTO.

Objective: Optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of hospital processes to improve service delivery by health personnel, in order to increase the quality of life of patients.


GUARDIÁN - Electronic System aimed at the Protection of Mistreated and At-risk People.

Guardian USAL


Financing entity: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Subprogram INNPACTO.

Objective: To develop an Ambient Intelligence based electronic system to locate and protect people under risk situations, as the prevention of aggressions to threatened people and the surveillance and care of children, elderly and other vulnerable people.


MSI - Mobiliario Sensorial Inteligente (Intelligent Sensory Furniture).

Intelligent Sensory Furniture


Financing entity: Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Plan AVANZA.

Objective: To create a new concept of furniture with sensorial capabilities and intelligence, capable of adapting to the user, providing it with features linked to the healthcare and the surveillance in environments as geriatric residences.


T-Sensitive - Multi-Agent System for the Care and Monitoring of Patients in Dependence Centers.



Financing entity: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Subprogram of Projects of Fundamental Research Aimed at the Knowledge Transfer (TRACE).

Objective: To develop an integral multi-agent system aimed at the care and monitoring of patients in dependence centers, as geriatric residences, hospitals or day care centers.


Rural-IoT - Optimization of agricultural and livestock production through smart IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Rural IoT


Entidad financiadora: Goverment of Castile and León (Spain). Agency for Innovation, Financing and Business Internationalization. R&D projects in SMEs.

Objective: To investigate and advance in technologies and intelligent algorithms that allow the design of a unified sensorization and geolocation platform for an optimized monitoring and management of resources in the agricultural and livestock sector.