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Advantages of Polaris versus other RTLS

  • Lower total cost compared with systems based on Wi-Fi or RFID, and much lower than those based on UWB.
  • Higher tolerance to the presence of walls and obstacles than systems based on Wi-Fi and UWB.
  • n-Core Sirius B devices provide much longer battery life (even months) compared with devices based on Wi-Fi and UWB.
  • Its performance is not affected by Wi-Fi networks, thanks to the greater number of used channels.
  • Frequency band approved for its use in industrial and medical environments.
  • Includes automation features for controlling all kinds of sensors and actuators.
  • Web Services based architecture that facilitates the integration of n-Core Polaris with a wide range of applications, including mobile interfaces.
  • Capability to create your own RTLS by means of the n-Core API (Application Programming Interface).

Comparison between RTLS technologies


1 A lower cost implies a higher rating; 2 A smaller size implies a higher rating.

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