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An efficient infrastructure is the basis for success

n-Core provides a set of radio-frequency devices based on the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee international standard.

The family of Sirius devices is the basis of the wireless infrastructure of the n-Core platform. These devices provide a unique versatility in the market, adapting to the specific needs of a wide range of applications.

All n-Core Sirius devices are fully integrated with each other and can be interconnected with a wide diversity of sensors and actuators. They also include standard communication ports for connecting to most existing computers. Thus, these devices can be combined to create more flexible and scalable wireless network infrastructures than the competition.

The technical characteristics of the n-Core Sirius devices are outstanding in a market where alternatives have serious limitations.

Sirius Quantum 2.0

The world's smallest waterproof ZigBee tag with inductive charge

Designed for Real-Time Locating applications

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Sirius RadIOn

Versatility and flexibility in a reduced size

Ideal for deploying sensor networks and RTLS in a single infrastructure

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Sirius IOn

The shortest path for sensing applications

Offers full access to the I/O and programming interfaces of the Quantum and RadIOn devices

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Sirius OBD

Full access to car automation

Allows connectivity to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) interface

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Sirius IOn-P

Simplicity for developing custom applications

Facilitates the configuration of Quantum and RadIOn devices

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Sirius IOn-C

Multiple charger for Quantum Devices

Ideal for large RTLS infrastructures with multiple tags

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Sirius A

Extreme connectivity

Total solution for all kinds of applications

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Sirius B

Small but robust

Where mobility and miniaturization are important

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Sirius D

The cornerstone of an adequate infrastructure

Ideal for creating large networks

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