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Our company

NEBUSENS is a company devoted to the research, development and commercialization of innovative technological products related to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), applicable to a wide range of areas, such as healthcare, home or industrial, among many others.

NEBUSENS was born as a result of the initiative of a group of engineers with a clear vocation for the research, with the support from different university research groups with whom its members collaborate.

Our mission consists of creating useful and innovative technological tools aimed at the development of solutions based on wireless sensor networks. In order to achieve it, we have defined the following work lines:

  • Quality is the cornerstone of our company. Our products and services must reflect such a quality at all times, thanks to a strict control in all our procedures.
  • To boost the R&D as a continuous source of ideas and products with a high value added.
  • To encourage close connections with universities and research groups to transfer and apply in a practical way their knowledge to the business environment and vice versa, being this a key aspect in our business model.
  • To maintain a close and respectful collaboration with our customers, giving them assistance in all their questions and needs related to our sector.
  • Our products and service must be totally reliable and technologically more advanced than the competition.
  • To provide our employees with an appropriate working environment where they can stimulate their creativity. An efficient, transparent and respectful communication is the cornerstone of a healthy labor relationship.
  • For the society at large, to be a company that contributes effectively to the economic, technological and scientific development.